How to Check Railway PNR Status

A lot of people, specially who are unknown about the technology and its advantages, are in search of the process to check railway pnr status online. It may seems a hard task to know, but it’s quite simple as to write abc on your notebook. Today I’m going to show you the process for checking the railway pnr status.

By Online Process

There are dozen of website on the internet, who offers to check this service from their platform. A few of them are as follows:



Although the Indian railway website provides a captcha base platform for preventing the spam searches. This might be ridiculous for the new internet user. To get rid of this captcha you can try the other online source.

By Volice Calling Process

To get your PNR Status through voice calling you need to dial 139 from your mobile or landline phone and follow the instruction.

By SMS Process

To get your PNR status through the SMS process you need to type your PNR number and send on 5888 or 57886 or 5676747 or 139. You will get your current PNR status in your message box shortly.

Ex: <type your pnr number> send to 5888 or 57886 or 5676747 or 139

That’s all about the checking Railway PNR Status. If still you have any issue with the getting your current status, you can leave your PNR number in the comment box, we will try to give your current status as soon as possible.

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